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Caribbean Residential

Private Residence
St. Maaretn, Netherlands Antilles

Responding to the owner’s request for a small, elegant beach house with a Master Bedroom on the second floor, the plan develops in a linear fashion to maximize ocean frontage. Banks of screen doors, protected by storm shutters, lead directly to a covered terrace while a mahogany staircase provides access to the Master Bedroom via an elevated walkway. Roof windows on each side of the walkway provide ventilation and frame a beautiful view of the island of Saba to the south.

Private Residence
Anguilla, Brtish West Indies

This single bedroom vacation home is a studied response to a narrow ocean-front site on the island's scenic but windy south shore. The articulation of plan form and building mass afford ocean views from each room and provide shelter from the wind to a large terrace. Sturdy wood louvred doors and windows ensure natural ventilation but also provide protection against  seasonal storms. Materials resistant to the corrosive effects of salt air have been carefully selected and used throughout.

2 Private Residences
Anguilla, British West Indies

The owner of adjoining lots on a remote, wind-swept shoreline sought a design for 2 residences – one for his family’s use and another as an investment property. The design’s singular use of white plastered masonry walls & roofs allows a freedom of form reminiscent of the Mediterranean architecture.  Colored walls which define individual exterior spaces, are extended to form the buildings’ foundations and to unify the two properties. Pocket doors on the main level allow virtually every room to be opened to the exterior while terraces, woven into the roof scape provide sheltered settings for lounging and sunbathing.

Private Residence

St. Martin, French West indies

The U shaped plan of this 4 bedroom beach house affords shelter and privacy to an outdoor living area and swimming pool. A wide covered terrace serves as a circulation space as well as an area for lounging and al fresco dining. All rooms have been fitted with louvered bi-fold doors that can be completely retracted, offering large unobstructed openings and direct access to the pool deck and beach beyond.

Private Residence

St. Martin, French West Indies

Using the steep slope to advantage, a new master bedroom suite is sited below and between two existing structures. A dining terrace, offering protection from high winds, is nestled in the lee of the existing east building at an intermediate level. Beautifully crafted stone walls, already much in use on the site, provide the inspiration for a new entry - a stone vault with wood doors opening onto a small tiled courtyard and fountain.

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