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Ryerson University School of Interior Design
Toronto, Canada
(Project architect with Lett/Smith Architects)



Opting for renovation over demolition, the university decided the three storey structure, built in the 1920’s as a manufacturing facility, would be its new School of Interior Design. The existing column grid and heavy timber construction lent itself to the open studio concept envisioned by the School. Satisfying the program requirements  of the cirriculum and projected enrollment within the space available became a major challenge - one ultimately resolved through the cooperative efforts of the architects, faculty and students.

Three Palm Plaza
St.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
This mixed use development of offices and retail space was designed to be constructed in 2 phases. A unique feature of the project is its accessibility from a roadway to the south and a yacht basin to the north. Designed in the Caribbean vernacular style, the two storey “U” shaped plan optimizes visibility of the retail spaces from the road while satisfying parking requirements. Second floor offices are accessed by an elevated walkway which also supports the project signage.
Queen's Garden Resort
Saba, Netherlands Antilles
Drawing its inspiration from the indigenous Saban Cottage, this 12 unit resort is built into the precipitous slope of an extinct volcano, roughly 1400 feet above sea level. Each unit is composed of several smaller, distinct modules designed to reflect the scale and composition of traditional island architecture. The 2 upper levels of each 4 story structure step back to reduce the “tower” effect. Entrances to the individual units are from a separate stair enclosure or directly from grade via walkways where the slopes permit. Blocks are grouped around the resort amenities providing easy access to a restaurant, exercise room, pool, courtyard and conference facility.


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